Four Seasons Canvas carries an extensive range of quality marine plastics to suit any budget.

STRATAGLASS and O’SEA brands offer plastics with great optical clarity and durability. These products are formulated for maximum UV stability and feature scratch and chemical resistance.

We also carry SUPER 2 CLEAR and OKAMOTO, a more economical alternative. It comes in a variety of gauges from light to heavy duty options.

We generally use YKK Vislon zippers. They are extremely strong and lightweight. The color is cast into the molding, so there is no finish to rub off, peel or chip. Vislon has excellent heat and cold resistance. We also use JEFZip sliders and Chains which are an economical alternativerto the more expensive nylon sippers.

We have a wide variety of screens to choose from to help protect you from the sun and the bugs.

Our screens are mildew and fade resistant.

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