Four Seasons Canvas and Design is committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Call us should you require any servicing repairs or experience any problems and we will take care of the issue.

We stand behind the warranty on all our products.

  • 10 year Sunbrella fabric warranty
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on retractable awnings
  • 5 year warranty on Somfy motors.
  • 3 year warranty on fixed awnings


Non-­Liability Disclaimer on Snowmobile, ATV and Motorcycle Belts and Harnesses

The goal of our products at Four Seasons Canvas and Design is to increase safety and limit risk to you and your children while enjoying recreational outdoor activities. Though our efforts and products are created with safety and injury prevention in mind, they are not able to remove all risk of injury from these activities. Customers and users or our products are advised to adhere to all traditional safety protocols and procedures when enjoying their recreational activities. We cannot be held liable for injuries or damages that occur while using our products. The ultimate safety of our customers is their own responsibility.

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